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Children need to get to grips with four basic skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Speaking and listening: They think about what they say, choose the right words, listen to others before they speak, talk with others and share ideas. They take on different roles in drama, tell stories, read aloud and describe events and experiences.


Reading: They focus on words and sentences and how they fit into whole texts. Children work out the meaning of what they read and say why they like or dislike it. They read stories, plays, poems and information texts and use dictionaries and encyclopaedias. There is a strong emphasis on phonics and grammar.


Writing: They compose stories, poems, notes, lists, captions, records, messages and instructions. They learn how to use punctuation to show the meaning of sentences, practise clear handwriting, and discover that thinking about patterns of letters and sounds helps them to spell words correctly.

All children take part in a daily Literacy Hour based on the National Literacy Strategy Framework.