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Tuesday 29th September 2015



Dear Parents and Carers,


Now that we are four weeks into the new term, I would like to give you two pieces of news regarding our school.


  1. The first is that we are scheduled to become an Academy as part of the Waterton Academy Trust, on 1st December 2015. You should see no obvious differences in school – we are keeping our current name, badge and uniform, as we feel that continuity is very important to the school, which has been here since 1874!


  2. The second piece of news, as I’m sure you are aware, is that our new house opened at the beginning of September, housing the extended Nursery, a kitchen, library, interventions and social interventions rooms. As part of this, I would like to mention some people who have worked so hard to make this happen in time for the opening at the beginning of September:-


  • Parent/staff decorators:            Amanda Robinson, Paula Whittaker, Laura Scott.

And especially Jon Knight, who went over and above in decorating different areas of the house.


  • Alex Hardy who also spent much of his time bringing his painting talents to help.


  • Redrow Housing for fitting our new kitchen.


  • YPO and Wendy Mitchell from Schools Library Services for our fabulous new library.


  • Community Payback for helping with the clearing out.


  • Barclays Bank and Barry Hughes for the team with “A Day to make a Difference”


  • Chris Williamson and Anthony Bradshaw from The Council’s Building Services.


  • Harry the fence man, for making it all secure.


  • Foxhill Academy in Sheffield for some of the furniture.


  • The Governors “House” committee, who helped out with the organisation.


  • Neil Gardner from WDH who picked up the project near the end and ensured that all outstanding works were completed on time.


  • The Early Years staff team for being patient and excited at the same time and working hard so we could open on time for the new Nursery.




  • And in particular, Mark Candlin, our wonderful caretaker, who as well as making the outside look neat and tidy, ran around, liaised with workmen, did last minute jobs and made sure everything was ready.



I am so proud of our new facility. I’ve learnt many things along the way about renovation! But I am so excited about what this will mean for all our children: space, new resources, books, cookery, and quiet spaces.


Thank you all for your support. I am hoping to have an open day soon where parents can come and look round. Keep your eyes peeled!


Yours sincerely,




Helen Padwick


Crofton Infants’ School


Friday 26th June 2015


Dear Parents,


A week or so ago, we held a meeting for you to discuss our plans to investigate becoming an Academy as part of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). Only three parents came to the meeting so we are putting out a letter that explains what this is about so that you can then decide what you feel about it. We will try to be concise but this may be a fairly long letter to try to get in all the points!!


Waterton Academy Trust

Waterton Academy Trust was established September 2014 and is Wakefield’s first primary phase Multi Academy Trust (MAT). The Trust has been established to support the development of infant, junior and primary schools in the Crofton and Normanton pyramids and is a direct response to Wakefield Council's plan to withdraw its school improvement support. Current members are Walton Primary Academy and Normanton Common Primary Academy. Normanton Junior School and Lee Brigg Infant School have both received their academy orders and will be completing their conversions over the next couple of months. The long term vision is to support all schools who wish to work with the Trust, promoting academic excellence and ensuring all our children achieve to the best of their abilities.


Waterton Academy Trust is egalitarian in nature, with every school having equal representation on the board and all Headteachers having a seat at the Headteacher's meetings. Schools working within the Trust are encouraged to retain their unique identity, and have complete autonomy over issues such as school name, uniform and all the little things that make them special.


There are many benefits to joining the Trust: economies of scale, pooling teacher expertise, taking away the administration duties from teachers, sharper focus on a smaller number of schools and much more. However the biggest benefits are felt by the children. This year alone children in Waterton Academy Trust schools have been offered maths mastery workshops on Saturday mornings, chances to work with professional artists to create a display for Wakefield Museum, will attend a Waterton Parliament Residential Retreat weekend in September, competed in many cross school sporting events and will be working with a specialist writing teacher to improve writing across the family of schools.


There would obviously be a period of time during which the changeover would happen but children in school will not see any change; it will mainly focus on the school’s admin changing the way we work. High Street, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NG. Telephone No. 01924 303900 Headteacher: Ms H M Padwick Email:headteacher@crofton-inf.wakefield.sch.uk Website:www.crofton-inf.wakefield.sch.uk


We are consulting with staff and parents and would like to know whether you have any reservations about this taking place. We would be grateful if you could state these below when returning your slip.


If you do not return your slip, we will assume that you have no reservations and are happy for us to continue to the next stage. If at any point you wish to discuss this with Ms Padwick or Mr MacNair, please make an appointment via the school office. You are also welcome to talk to Mr Dave Dickinson, Headteacher of Walton Academy and CEO of the MAT on 01924 303560.


These are interesting times and we want to make sure that we are doing the very best for the future of Crofton Infants’ School, which is why we would value your opinion below.


Thank you

Helen Padwick - Headteacher

Russell MacNair  -  Chair of Governors